48 Hours on the Suja Juice 3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse from Costco

Is it possible to find a cheap, organic, raw, convenient juice cleanse?

Is it ever!

This is going to sound impossible, but I did a juice cleanse for 2 days for $18.

And it didn’t take hours hunting for produce, and time and sweat juicing the damn thing before cleaning up.

Here’s my secret: buy the HUGE SUJA juice bottles at Costco.

$8 each.

Organic, raw, cold-pressed juice requiring no work.

Now Suja does sell the official 3-day juice cleanse at Costco – and you could do that too, but for this one I just wanted to do a 2-day cleanse using their very cheap $8 bottles.

The best part is that as of 2019, you can get these bottles at virtually any store.

Day 1

Why Doing This?
  • Felt sluggish, in a rut
  • Had broad ideas about changing back to better old habits, but never a good time
  • “I have to do this today”
  • Thanksgiving is coming
  • The holidays are coming
  • Want a reset
  • Want to get a day of that raw food energy and see its impact on my productivity
  • I guess a bit of bio and productivity hacking
  • Read the FastDiet and did it for a few weeks, was ok with the feeling of super-light eating for a few days
  • Didn’t want to drop $150 for juice
  • Oh wait, I can buy a few bottles of SUJA at Costco for $27 – that’s doable
    • Saving money on food I’m not eating 😃
  • Was aiming for 3 days, but realistically I haven’t been eating amazingly and that would be too much of a shock
  • I’ve done it before where I was supposed to juice all on my own, but being hungry and having to do that extra work just isn’t worth it
  • In the morning, I wasn’t sure if I would start today or tomorrow, had coffee and half a toast with avocado and egg
  • Went to Costco to buy the juice (among other stuff) – decided would do it in a few hours. So had a few samples
  • Pretty jarring to think that these samples would be my “last meal”
  • When you think that this food is going to be your last hard food for a few days, it tastes really delicious
  • Shows the power of perspective
  • On a normal day I’d be throwing those down while staring at something else in Costco and not even thinking about the taste, now the tastes are delicious
    • Spanakopita
    • Potatoes with fried onion topping (fatty)
    • 2 things of roasted cashews
    • Avoided other stuff
  • Once I left Costco, that was the start
  • Started chugging the bottle in the car
  • 3 bottles of Mighty Dozen
  • Perhaps there is a science to cleanses with a bunch of different types of drinks. Not sure if three’s a true reason for that, or if they just want to keep you excited for the next one
  • It’s not the juice that’s cleansing us really, it’s our own body. Healthy juice may support that cleansing, or perhaps just be the lightest, least damaging substance
  • Lack of digestion needed means more energy for cleaning out
A few hours into it
  • I’ve been feeling more clearly headed, but also a bit of fuzziness
  • Not sure if my vision changed/refocused at all, was reading on my phone and felt slightly light-headed
  • I think part of it is the juice you get, I have apple as a core part of mine
  • There are ebbs and flows
  • No hunger pangs, part of it is the mental state of just knowing that you’re going through a temporary phase
  • Water is extra refreshing
  • Tea is delicious
  • Cracking knuckles/fingers feels good
Before bed and bed time

Day 2

  • I woke up feeling pretty clear
  • Did not wake up feeling hungry
  • Didn’t have eye crusties or usual grogginess
  • Slept 1am – 9am
  • Really didn’t feel the need for coffee for the first time in about a year or so
  • Started day with hot water and lemon
  • When you’re on a juice cleanse, warm water and/or tea feels like a luxury
  • No hunger pangs, hunger would ebb and flow but fairly mild and not really uncomfortable at all
  • I have definitely felt more focused
  • One of my major weaknesses is eating or pursuing food to entertain myself and break up the day
  • Actually wastes a good amount of time
  • Started feeling some slight lightheadedness in the late afternoon
  • Not sure if from not having coffee (I have 2 cups daily) or from lack of eating/sugar in juice
  • Around 4:30 got a bit more of a headache, had 4 ounces of cold-brew coffee just to be sure that the headache isn’t coffee withdrawal related
    • Another website said it was ok to have some coffee

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